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For too many people, learning ends when they finish their formal schooling. Increasingly, however, economic opportunity—as well as dignity—hinges upon lifelong learning.

Bendable is a lifelong learning platform that allows residents of all ages and backgrounds to acquire new knowledge and skills through online courses as well as local, in-person opportunities.

Delivered through public libraries across the country, Bendable promises to forge communities of lifelong learning, making each more resilient in the face of a fast-changing economy.

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Bendable communities of lifelong learning

In select cases, the Drucker Institute deploys full-time staff on the ground in a community, working with the local library to integrate Bendable into the programming and activities of key stakeholders: employers, nonprofits, government agencies and schools.

To find out how your community can become a Bendable Community of lifelong learning, please contact Lex Dennis at

To discuss bringing Bendable to your community, please contact Lex Dennis, the Drucker Institute’s director of lifelong learning, at