Drucker Public Sector Survey

“What’s measured improves.”

—Peter Drucker

Measure Agency Effectiveness

The Drucker Public Sector Survey provides a benchmark for overall organizational effectiveness, as well as specific measurements on Employee Engagement, Customer Focus, Performance, Innovation, and Social Responsibility.

Develop and Implement a Playbook

The Drucker Institute can custom design a version of the Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector to reflect the specific strengths and needs of individual agencies as revealed through the Survey.

Customize the Survey

Individual agencies can customize the Drucker Public Sector Survey to evaluate specific metrics that reflect agency goals and areas of focus.

Move Quickly from Insight to Action to Results

Direct support and coaching is provided by Drucker Institute staff to help Drucker Playbook participants implement the program’s lessons and tools to increase both team and individual effectiveness.

To learn more about opportunities for you and your agency, please contact Lawrence Greenspun, Director of Public Sector Engagement, at [email protected] or 909-607-8755.